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At Alda Hotel Reykjavik you can enjoy an outdoor hot tub and an indoor Sauna during your stay. Try catching the northern lights or count the stars while soaking in the hot tub, or relax in the Sauna after a busy day exploring the city and its nearby attractions.


Located on the ground floor, with access to an outdoor terrace, Alda Fitness Center offers top-of-the-line exercise equipment including a treadmill, stationary bikes, free weights, and a dry sauna.

As a guest of the Alda Hotel Reykjavik, you will enjoy complimentary towels and water.


Instead of stationary phones in hotel rooms, we offer our guests an Android operated smartphone. All local calls are included as well as the 4G data. You are welcome to take the phone out of the hotel during your stay and use it to your advantages. There are some useful apps on the phone, you can use it to navigate, find restaurants close to your current location or even book day tours.


Brass kitchen & bar is located on the hotel’s ground floor offering tasty food light and agile service in a cozy environment.

Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and late snacks, Brass’ guests will find the perfect bite for any occasion.


Located inside the Alda Hotel you will find three guys with a passion for cutting hair, shaving beards, and partying. They are the two-time winner of Best Barber in Reykjavik so you know that they will give you the best cut on the entire island.

Make sure to book your appointment in advance!

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